About Bob

My background is in biology and teaching science. I’ve worked in museums as a curator, exhibit designer and builder, librarian, archivist,, and public interpreter. I’ve lived around the U.S.A., including all five coasts – The Great Lakes Coast, the Pacific Coast, the Atlantic Coast, the Gulf Coast, and the Space Coast (New Mexico, home of the first officially declared spaceport).

I have been an online presence in various guises since the 1980s and began my first website on July 4, 1994.

I am currently a volunteer at the Pinal Geology and Mineral Museum, doing their social media and website, running their online meetings, and helping with exhibits, and anything else they’ll let me put my hand to. I also volunteer in the archives of the Museum of Casa Grande, which includes lots of other stuff you might not think of.

I’ve been collecting stamps for over 50 years, but only occasionally seriously. Right now, I’m being “serious” about it. Sort of (don’t take anything TOO seriously).

My main interest, which often gets lost in the fray is U.S. 3-cent commemoratives, primarily from between Scott numbers 737 and 1111. And topicals including Australian birds, freshwater fishes, and, of course, King Arthur on stamps.

In addition, I’ve got lots of other interests, including topical interests involving Australian birds, freshwater fishes, and African mammals. I’m always adding to my collection and my interests, so basically, if it’s a stamp, I’m probably interested. I admit that my interests are primarily though, not of the 21st century.