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  • Isle of Man: Birds of Prey

    I got mail today. A presentation pack of the 2023 Isle of Man Birds of Prey issue. I love raptors, and these are glorious portraits of some great British birds. There’s a little info on the birds in the pack. It’s also the 50th anniversary of the Isle of Man post, and they sent a…

  • Website Migration

    I’ve got a new website host. Hopefully, things will settle down soon, but for now, please bear with me. Things will become easier for me to manage, and there will be some new features, I’ll be updating more regularly (at least for a while), and I’m looking forward to playing with things here. Please come…

  • “Just Stamp Collecting”

    In biology and other disciplines there are some people who think museum collections are “just stamp collecting.” But as philatelists, we know there’s a whole lot more to stamp collecting than “just.” Same with museum collections. As an illustration from biology, this photo is my late friend Roxie Layborne. She spent her career in the…

  • Aripex, sort of

    I went off today to the only stamp show in Arizona, the annual Aripex. It is put on by the Federated Philatelic Societies of Arizona, or some such name. Before I went I took a look at their very uninformative website. Most of it dates from one or three years ago. There was something about…

  • New Video on Robert Burns

    A video “thematic exhibit” about Robert Burns, and Burns Night.

  • Burns Night

    January 25 is Burns Night, a celebration of the Scottish poet, Robert Burns. I’ve put together something about him, illustrated by stamps. It’s too long for a blog post. And there are plenty arts that don’t fit in a video, so I’ve made a booklet. It takes the form of an 8 page pdf. I…

  • Intro to the Belgian Congo

    A Brief Postal History of the Belgian Congo

  • Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022)

  • Video: Shark *Bait* Week: Sardines

    Video: Shark *Bait* Week: Sardines #philately #sharkweek

  • Video: Shark *Bait* Week: Herring

    Video: Shark *Bait* Week: Herring #philately #sharkweek