Aripex, sort of

I went off today to the only stamp show in Arizona, the annual Aripex. It is put on by the Federated Philatelic Societies of Arizona, or some such name.

Before I went I took a look at their very uninformative website. Most of it dates from one or three years ago.

There was something about the American Philatelic Society pulling their World Series of Philately standing for exhibits. In my mind, unfortunately, I did not properly translate to “no exhibits.” It was not explicitly stated. So I was disappointed to find no exhibits.

Online, they have the schedule for their presentations, for 2022. So it wasn’t until I arrived that I found I’d missed everything.

The bourse was much smaller in area than the last time I visited. And only about 2/3 full of dealers.

The five local stamp clubs all had big empty tables, because none of them bothered to show up.

And the Phoenix club didn’t even have a spot.

I don’t know what goes into getting table space here, but in other venues it’s usually only given if asked for.

So, with nothing going on, and no exhibits to look at, I left after ten minutes. I must in fairness say bourses generally don’t interest me at any kind of show or convention. I hate shopping.

They did not offer my $8 entry fee back, but I didn’t ask.

But I also think that really was my last stamp show.



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2 responses to “Aripex, sort of”

  1. Sylvain Avatar

    Wow, talking about a huge waste of time.
    The hobby will not grow with that kind of organization.

    1. Daniel Kuczynski Edwards Avatar
      Daniel Kuczynski Edwards

      such events are only a good as the work that goes into them. I heard the Sanpex or whatever the recent Philatelic event in San Diego was a decent event (which I would have attended except for my wife’s medical appt)….. the only complaint I sort of heard about was the cost of parking at the Hilton Hotel where the event took place. However, if ARIPEX was only a brouse, and not with exhibits, THAT should have been made clear. You could have added something nice to your collection with that $8 and the gas you spent to go there.

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