Video: Unboxing Chris

Not literally at this time, just some stamps my friend from Hawaii sent me.

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2 responses to “Video: Unboxing Chris”


    Hi Bob, Just found you on U-TUB. I am also a long time stamp collector . Started in 1954 at age 14. Now am 82 years old. Collect US POSTAGE and trying to catch up on my collection . I do Stamp shows were I buy most of my stamps .Next stamp show will be Houston show in Humble Tex. on Sept. 16, 17,and 18. Hope to hear from you. Bill.

    1. Bob Avatar

      Thanks for the comment. I’ve been absent for a long time. I appreciate you and hope you are doing well. I’m always trying to catch up on my collection. I didn’t end up going to Aripex, the Arizona show, but hope to next year. It’s the only show within my reach right now. I mostly buy through hipstamp right now.

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